Automated security gate


As the first line of defence for your business, an automatic gate needs to strike a balance between security, ease of use and integrability.

MSME Security provide a one-stop solution for commercial security systems in Derby and the wider Midlands, and have been designing, installing and integrating automatic gate systems for over 6 years. Each system we create is customised to meet the specific security and logistical requirements of your facility, and our network of suppliers throughout the industry allows us to offer a range of options such as sliding gates, bi-folding gates or swing gates.

Take control over your access points with MSME. Our services start with a free site inspection, consultation and quotation – Book your today by calling our team at 01332 492002 or fill out our form.

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The utilities of automatic gates include:

  • Securing permitter boundaries
  • Controlling vehicular access to a premises
  • Regulating entry and exit points for authorised vehicles